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Xhale Hot Yoga Studio Near Me New Jersey
Xhale Hot Yoga Near Me New Jersey

Restoring your mind body and soul, one breath at a time.

Hot Yoga Classes Near Me Xhale Hot Yoga

Experience X-hale Hot Yoga

New Jersey's Best Hot Yoga Studio

Xhale Hot Yoga is the Jersey Shore's top hot yoga studio. Our family-owned and built studio is located in the heart of Point Pleasant Beach, NJ.

Owner and head yoga instructor, Kim Cupolo found her passion for hot yoga after a life-altering event. The practice of hot yoga helped heal her mentally, physically and spiritually. 9 years ago, Kim opened Xhale Hot Yoga Studio with the help of her husband and local community to provide others the opportunity to experience and benefits of hot yoga. 

Xhale is more than just a yoga studio... it's a family, a lifestyle, and a spiritual sanctuary for those to relax and exhale.

What is Hot Yoga

Yoga is a greater awareness of breath and incorporating it into the physical movements.


Using heat in yoga to detoxify is by far one of the best ways you can rid your body of unwanted toxins. The human body contains the best system for removing  waste through the skin, which is the bodies largest and most visible organ. We remove waste through from our liver and kidneys through the skin via sweat.

Well you get it Hot Yoga is the best work out. Take a breathe and know a person who breathes freely in their daily life will find great love and freedom in their hearts to live.

Benefits of Hot Yoga

Forge a deeper understanding of alignment and application of anatomic principles to yoga poses

Open your joyful heart and voice with chanting sacred Sankrit sounds

Expand your understanding of who you are and begin to settle more fully into your own authentic self

Use the practice of yoga to relieve back pain, increase mental health & find realignment. 

Be part of a supportive and uplifting group of practitioners who are also dedicated to practice.

Infrared Therapy Sauna

Infrared sauna is a health spa completely dedicated to your personal wellness through the use of private FAR infrared sauna combined with LED chromotherapy (light therapy). 

Some of the benefits I have achieved with our infrared sauna chromotherapy are: Relaxation, lower blood pressure, improved circulation, weight loss, anti-aging, detoxification, cell health, wound recovery and pain relief.

Learn more about the benefits of light therapy and client testimonials.

Hot Yoga Point Pleasant New Jersey Xhale Hot Yoga

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.”


The Bhagavad Gita

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Xhale Hot Yoga Point Pleasant Hot Yoga Studio

our studio

Family-Owned and Built. Xhale Hot Yoga is New Jersey & the Jersey's Shore's top hot yoga studio. Our studio is specially equipped with radiant ceiling panels & a steam humidifier for detoxification.


our styles

We offer a variety of classes with a core focus in Vinyasa and Yin/Yang practices. Our classes are for all levels with modifications.

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